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Date Posted: 05/11/19

Nick Churton, MD of Putterills’ associated Mayfair Office, takes a look.

All over the UK home buyers and sellers have an important date in mind. No, it is not 31st October when the UK is set to come out of the European Union. This particular date will not be delayed, deferred, or cancelled. There will be no heated debates in parliament and Mr Barnier will not discount it out of hand. It is a date that everyone is agreed upon. It is 25th December, Christmas Day.

This date is etched on our minds. Already shops are stocking for Christmas and very soon Marks & Spencer and John Lewis will be revealing this year’s Christmas special television commercials.

Anticipation will also be rising for those hoping to move into a new home by Christmas. Historically this is a key date in the home moving calendar. It is an emotional date, a day that suggests a new start and time spent with loved ones in new surroundings - full of familiar things that make a home.

But the date can also put a great deal more stress onto an already stressful time. Why not complete a purchase two weeks later or at the end of January when things could be easier? Because it is not Christmas.

So for those aiming to have moved by Christmas here are a few hints on how to make that happen.

Set your price to sell. You haven’t time to test the market with an optimistic over-the-odds asking price. You need a deal fast and a buyer who is hot to trot. You don’t have to capitulate but you may have to compromise a little. Keep your eyes on the prize of putting up your Christmas tree in your new home. The clock is ticking.

Don’t compromise on solicitors or conveyancers. Choose a lawyer who is geared to getting a deal through quickly.

If you need a mortgage, make sure this is in place well ahead of time.

Finally, do not compromise on your estate agent. Find a great one. The key to being able to open your Christmas stocking in your new home is an agent who will get the deal though. Think of your estate agent’s office like Santa’s factory in Lapland – it’s where the magic happens.

Nick Churton