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September: Market Comment

September: Market Comment

Date Posted: 22/09/21

With the children finally back at school, perhaps the “staycations” that many of us have enjoyed have made you realise that your home is really not big enough, or maybe not the right layout for you. For families, September can be a month of getting our houses back in order - in every sense of the word.

Lots of buyers and sellers are currently asking us, “ Where are we?” What they mean is now that the stamp duty holiday is over, where are we in the property cycle.

This can be looked as a clock. Twelve o’clock represents mad panic buying, what little comes onto the market sells like wildfire, prices go through the roof.

Six o’clock is the opposite. There are lots of properties on the market and very few buyers – most bought at twelve o’clock, prices begin to steady and may even fall.

Three and nine o’clock represent balanced markets. There are just enough properties for buyers, who have some choice and time to consider, whilst sellers have time to wait for the right buyer. Hitting this rare time of parity is seldom done through good judgement, it is more often achieved through circumstances and good luck.

So, where are we now?

I’d say about seven or eight minutes past the hour, we appear to be working towards an equilibrium.

There is a currently lack of property coming onto the market, and your home may be just what someone else wants. Don’t think that you can’t find a property, so therefore you can’t sell. Talk to us about marketing your property and let us help you move forward.

Call your local property experts for up to date advice, whether buying, selling or renting.

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