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Date Posted: 24/04/20

Putterills look ahead to a time when we can all move freely from our homes.

In houses and apartments all over the country those in lockdown are thinking about life after release. Even now, at the height of the pandemic, people are dreaming of post-virus life. We know they are because they are telling us so.

If this period of isolation from our families, friends and familiar routines has taught us anything, it has taught us about the value of home. No matter how big or small our homes have kept us safe.

This time in lockdown has given many of us the opportunity to re-evaluate where and how we live. Our shopping habits will have changed further, and so will our methods of communicating and streaming entertainment. In future lots more of us will work from home, having realised that many can be just as effective without a daily commute. Some will want more substantial homes, and some will have decided to downsize or rightsize. Many will elect a lifestyle change, choosing to move to the country, to the coast or to a bustling and lively city centre close to all amenities.

So why not use these weeks ahead to take a step back and try to see your property through a future buyer’s eyes.

Estate agents have always talked about kerb appeal – how well a property looks to a passer-by. This impression is still important. But more so at the moment, is screen appeal. Most potential buyers will see your property via a mobile or desktop device, not by walking or driving past.

This provides sellers with a great marketing opportunity. On screen you have the chance to present your property at its very best, all the time - regardless of weather and other detrimental factors. With the benefit of extra time, photographs of your property can be taken on a lovely bright day with the sun in just the right direction – and with the windows sparkling clean. Your garden can look its best with no cars in the drive or bins in the way. In other words, you have control of what people see on screen in a way that you can’t always when someone is randomly driving past at any time of day or night.

So, why not make full use of this opportunity? Remember, if a buyer doesn’t think you are proud of your property they probably won’t be interested in buying it. Your property deserves to look its best. You need to make a great impression.

Mortgage Lenders back helping buyers

Over the last few weeks there has been much news about mortgage lenders pulling mortgage products from the market, or expecting buyers to have up to 40% deposit or equity. The good news is that this seems now to be changing. This week the BBC reported that the Nationwide, Halifax, Virgin and Santander all made it easier for people to qualify for a loan.

Nationwide resumed loans at 85% loan-to-value (LTV) on Wednesday, while Halifax raised its LTV level from 80% to 85%.

Meanwhile, this week Virgin Money began offering purchase mortgages again, as Santander increased its maximum loan size - from £300,000 to £500,000 - and cut fees on its residential mortgages.

Lenders are also adapting the way they do business, with more and more now willing to do “drive by” and desk top valuations of homes, so they do not actually need to visit the home before making a mortgage offer.

With interest rates at all time lows there are some fantastic mortgage deals available.

Contact Putterills for a recommended local mortgage broker.

Thinking of moving ?

Our needs for what a home gives us will change, but it will not alter the local property market. Coronavirus is a health issue: it is not a property issue. This virus has reminded us what a wonderful, helpful and joyous community we inhabit and the true value of living here.

When we are over this emergency Putterills will be here to understand your property needs and offer suitable and attractive solutions, because if there is one thing we do know a great deal about, it is the value of home.

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