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Date Posted: 12/08/20

Covid-19 hasn’t been the only outbreak this year. There has also been a surge of property sales and lettings since the end of national lockdown. The press has called this current property market a mini boom. We call it a maxi boom.

Putterills’ offices throughout Hertfordshire are reporting record levels of sales. This is further supported by a report from Rightmove confirming more and more buyers are wanting to relocate out of cities, such as London, into more rural environments, but where they can still commute from. Rightmove says people are looking for more outdoor space and the flexibility to work from home. Across the UK they report enquiries about village homes in June and July have jumped 126% compared to the same period last year.

Nor has the Lettings sector been left out of this market frenzy. There is enormous demand for rental properties and we urgently need more quality properties for waiting tenants.

Putterills’ Director Mark Shearing said “Since the general lockdown ended, our phones have been practically ringing off the hook and the numbers of visitors to our website and social media pages have sky-rocketed.”

“Many things have changed since the pandemic hit our lives. One of these changes is in the attitude many of us have to how and where we live. A demand for more spacious and environmentally healthy living is driving the market, spurred on by a temporary reduction in stamp duty that has not only helped many second and third step buyers, but has also galvanised holiday homes and buy-to-let purchasers”.

As we head into late Summer amidst all these changes our phones are still ringing and there is no let-up in demand. We don’t know how long this surge in demand for realistically priced property will last, but for buyers and sellers right now it is a boom market.

So our advice is that now is an excellent time to make your move and, as always, the Putterills’ team are on hand to give the most up-to-date advice as we have been doing in Hertfordshire for approaching 30 years!

For the latest information on what’s happening in your area, please call your local trusted property experts here at Putterills.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Putterills Directors