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February 2022 Market Comment

February 2022 Market Comment

Date Posted: 10/03/22

The difference between someone who wants to buy a property and someone who does buy a property.

There has rarely been a property market like this. “Property prices rising at pre-banking crisis levels”, “Properties for sale - numbers lowest in decades”, scream the press in reaction to comments made by lenders, property websites and other interested parties.
Moving might not be complicated for buyers who don’t need a mortgage and have no upward chain, or for sellers with no downward chain. But for everyone else, these can be testing times.
The problem is getting chained up with nowhere to go - becoming stuck in a line of dependent deals, especially when the top of the chain can’t find a property to buy.
It’s a wonder anyone moves anywhere with the market so thin on stock.

Getting a deal through, often taking four to five months, is a long time in a property transaction – a lot can happen. But even in this market people do move. How? Mostly it is down to the desire of buyers and sellers, coupled with the skill of their estate agent.

Progressing the sale, communication with sellers and buyers, solicitors, surveyors, and getting a chain of deals, sometimes with four or five links, across the line. Finding a willing buyer is one thing, finding an able one is a very different matter. Everyone gets to see the sold board go up. But few get to see the effort that went into getting it there.
So, when choosing an estate agent in this market don’t just go for the one who says they can get you a buyer – everyone says that: instead go for the one with a proven track record who can get you through to completion. There is a vital difference between the two. 

This year marks our 30th anniversary of selling some of the area’s finest homes, with a friendly, professional, caring and pro-active approach.

Throughout the years we have always adapted to changing trends and given the best advice to suit current market conditions, whether that be through recessions, successive changes in Government, financial crisis and property booms.

Much of what the Putterills family do is behind the scenes, as we do not rely solely on internet presence - indeed many of our clients do not want their homes displayed on the various property portals, which is why we offer a bespoke, low-key marketing service which helps put buyers and sellers together through our very long-established database and experienced staffing.

So, if you are thinking of buying, selling or letting your property, then do please call your local, trusted, property experts for friendly and up-to-the minute advice.