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School Types

AC = Sponsored academy
AC1619 = Academy 16-19 sponsor led
ACC = Academy converter - mainstream
ACC1619 = Academy 16-19 converter
ACCS = Academy converter - special school
ACS = Sponsored special academy
AHC = Agriculture and horticultural college
ADPAC = Art, design and performing arts college
CTC = City technology college
CY = Community school
CYS = Community special school
F = Free school - mainstream
F1619 = Free school - 16-19
FD = Foundation school
FDS = Foundation special school
FESI = Further Education Sector Institution
FS = Free school - special
GFEC = General further education college
GFECS = General further education college (special)
IND = Independent school
INDSPEC = Independent special school
MODFC = College funded by Ministry of Defence
NMSS = Non-maintained special school
SFC = Sixth form college
SDC = Specialist designated college
SS = Studio school
UTC = University Technical College
VA = Voluntary aided school
VC = Voluntary controlled school


Railway Stations